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Genuine Egyptian Magic

I’ve heard there are counterfeit jars of Egyptian Magic. Is this true? How can I tell the difference?

Unfortunately, there are counterfeit jars of “Egyptian Magic” being sold on Amazon and eBay. We are working with both Amazon and the Chinese authorities to curtail this problem, but for now it is very widespread.

IMPORTANT -- only the label of our jar is being copied. These counterfeiters make no effort to actually duplicate our product—you have no idea what is in the jar, as they use the cheapest possible ingredients to create a cream that looks something like Egyptian Magic. The color, smell and texture are all different, and we have seen numerous reports of skin problems and complaints when customers unwittingly applied counterfeit product to their skin or hair. If in doubt, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN! Contact us at support@egyptianmagic.com and we will help you identify whether it is genuine Egyptian Magic.

Distinguishing a genuine jar from a fake jar is not easy, and we are not willing to publicly explain all the ways we can tell, since it just makes it easier for the counterfeiters. However, here are some guidelines for what does (or does not) indicate a fake before you buy it or when you have received your jar:


1.)    Shrink-band: ALL legitimate jars of Egyptian Magic either have a shrink seal or are sold in a protective clamshell. Most counterfeit jars also have a shrink seal, but a jar without a shrink seal is a guaranteed problem. If you receive a loose jar that does not have a shrink seal, send it back.

2.)    Coding on the bottom: For the past year, we have engraved the “Use By” date and our coding information on the bottom on the jar instead of printing it. The engraving can be hard to read unless you look at the jar at a bit of an angle (see the picture below for an example). The only acceptable jar should have the expiration date and code engraved into the bottom, as seen on the below picture.

NOTE: We can’t guarantee that counterfeiters won’t duplicate this engraved coding. However, as of now, we have not seen a counterfeit jar with it. We will update this FAQ immediately if that changes.


The short answer to this is the label. Many people are confused by this because they see minor variations on the label over time and they think it means they are looking at counterfeit jars. However, the counterfeiters duplicate our labels exactly. When we make a change to the label, they make the same change. Since the whole point of a counterfeit is to trick someone, the counterfeiters are extremely careful not to introduce changes (or mistakes) into the label that would make it easy for someone to spot a jar as a fake. As an example here are some specific label changes you might see…

1.)    “Egyptian” vs. “Kamitian.” In some countries we were required to change the word “Kamitian” to “Egyptian” in the top line of the jar. We decided to change all the labels, to have a consistent label around the world. However, the counterfeiters changed right along with us, so you cannot use this as a guide. Newer jars—both genuine and counterfeit--will always say “Egyptian”.

2.)    Other markings. Over time we have made other minor changes to the label, including updating copyright information, re-locating the ® symbol and so on. Again, these changes have been duplicated and cannot be used as a guide. They have no bearing on whether a jar is genuine or not.


1.)    Buy from an authorized reseller. Avoid Amazon and eBay if at all possible, and make sure you have an unconditional guarantee from any online seller.

2.)    Insist on buying a jar that it has an engraved Use By date and lot code information. If an engraved code is there, make sure it is not adulterated in any way.

3.)    If in doubt, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN! Contact us at support@egyptianmagic.com and we will help you identify whether it is genuine Egyptian Magic.

Uses of Egyptian Magic

What can I use Egyptian Magic Skin Cream for?

The real question is, what can’t you use it for? We’ve been making Egyptian Magic for over twenty years, and our loyal customers keep surprising us with new creative uses. Egyptian Magic is one jar that contains a face cream, an eye gel, a hair masque, burn and wound relief, a baby cream, a shaving balm and anything else you can think of! We’ve even heard from veterinarians who use it on horses after surgery. If you think you’ve got a unique use, head over to our facebook or twitter and let everyone know about it!

How should I apply Egyptian Magic?

Because Egyptian Magic is a solidified, oil-based product, you will see the best results if you soften it by warming it up before applying it. Take a small amount and rub it in your hands until it softens and turns into oil, then gently apply to your skin. A little Egyptian Magic goes a long way. If you are applying to your hair, warm it up and then gently rub it into the ends of your hair. You can also apply it to your hair and scalp as a hair mask. Just let it sit for an hour or more, and then wash it out with shampoo. Dab it on your face to highlight your cheekbones with a natural glow, or apply under your eyes to help with dark circles and dehydrated tissue. Gently apply over wet skin after a shower or bath for all-over hydration.

Is Egyptian Magic safe to use on my baby?

Egyptian Magic is completely safe to use on babies and infants. We’ve heard from mothers who use Egyptian Magic for diaper rash, stretch marks, and cracked nipples. However, as with any skin care product, please consult your pediatrician before use.

I’ve heard that Egyptian Magic can treat eczema? Is that true?

Every day, we hear from customers who seen incredible results using Egyptian Magic on their eczema, psoriasis and other skin ailments. Egyptian Magic is not a medicine and we make no medical claims for the product. But we encourage you to read some of the testimonials on our website. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee so you can try Egyptian Magic risk free and see how it works for you.

Does Egyptian Magic work on acne?

There is a lot of debate about whether to use oil-based or oil-free products on acne. A popular belief is that using oil-based products on your skin causes your body to stop producing oils, and results in smooth, clear skin. The testimonials from our customers indicate that Egyptian Magic is very effective in treating acne and some acne scarring, but we do not claim that Egyptian Magic is a treatment for acne.

Product Details

Are there really only six ingredients?

Egyptian Magic is made of Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis. Our unique process combines these six simple ingredients to create a moisturizing balm unlike any other. That’s it. No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens.

Is Egyptian Magic organic?

We use the highest-quality, purest and most effective ingredients we can find in making Egyptian Magic. Some of the ingredients are labeled "organic" and some are truly organic even though it isn't on their label. However, we don't choose our ingredients because of their label. We have found that just because an ingredient has the label "organic" doesn't mean it is safe, healthy or unprocessed. Sadly, we have found some of the lowest-quality ingredients are nevertheless labeled "organic."

Is Egyptian Magic vegan?

No. Because we use bee products in the product, Egyptian Magic is not vegan.

Is Egyptian Magic non-comedogenic?

The comedogenicity of a product refers to the likelihood that it will cause acne. It is measured of a 0-5 scale. We have not tested the comedogenicity of the product, but many of our customers use it for treating acne and acne scarring, so it is safe to assume it is very low. As some background, the two principal ingredients are olive oil and beeswax. Olive oil is rated as a 2 on the scale of comedogenicity; beeswax falls between 0-2, depending upon several factors. All of the other ingredients are at 0.

Where is your product made?

Every jar of Egyptian Magic is hand crafted by our company in the United States.

Do you test on animals?

We do not, and never have, tested on animals. We are a proud PETA partner.

Customer Service

I want to return my jar. Is there a 100% money back guarantee?

Absolutely! As long as you purchased from an authorized reseller, and have your receipt, you can return your jar for a full refund. If you have any problems with your refund, please contact us at support@egyptianmagic.com so that we can assist you.

Where can I buy Egyptian Magic?

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream is sold in hundreds of stores in the US and in 25 countries around the world. To find the store closest to you, click here. As always, when you purchase a jar of Egyptian Magic, make sure to buy from an Authorized Reseller to ensure you are receiving Genuine Egyptian Magic.